Which move to make first? Story or Graphic Design

So I have come up with this idea of creating a workshop about the story writing. I really like the idea of creative collaboration throughout the whole process of creating the event. Since starting this blog its kind of given me an insight into the value of the process rather than the outcome (and how that process can also be product focused)

I haven’t heard back from Huma yet. To be honest with me going to Ireland and then Copenhagen time kind of flew by. Sometimes you actually have seize these opportunities with people when they are in the right place to offer support or then pass you by. Anyway it may still happen but in the meantime I really do need graphic designers. I am kind of torn at the moment as what I need first, graphic or story.

I always want to be further along than I am. Maybe this is the case with the graphic designer thing as I want to create the content for marketing but without the story behind it.

‘Surgery Slave’ is an idea on the medias manipulation in promoting surgery in society and its affects on young girls. So far I have gone through personal and public experiences and written on how this type of media effects young women/society. I went back through the writing and picked keys words and created ideas from them that would be either present at the event or in the campaign. I haven’t yet but I then usually just make a Pinterest board of the ideas. Very roughly not edgy of fashionable just how I see them in my head. That is always my process.

  • Free writing
  • Key Words
  • Ideas -> into a spreadsheet
  • Images -> Pinterest

Thinking about it I suppose the step before putting the story into graphic design content is the story itself ( would you believe!). This makes sense as I was telling someone about the idea the other day as it just fell a bit flat. Heres me ‘And then you walk into the room and there is an operating table in the centre, drag queen patients in each toilet and meat I the sinks!’ Dadadada! …Tumble weed…Saying it out loud all the thought and ideas didn’t shine through and something felt lacking.

So it brought me back to the main centre of it. The young girl and her story.

Some thoughts I had yesterday were

  • to align the email campaign and the event so that there is a story running through the lead up to the event (campaign) and at the event
  • This story can have lots of influences but centres around ‘the young girl’
  • Have the advertisement for surgeries, young girls dream of changing herself and initial consultation for surgery in the email campaign
  • Have the reality, the face to face consultation before surgery, the surgery and the aftermath at the event

I like it. It is more fluid and connected then before. Now to put this into a work shop.. Hmmm… Mam?