Which move to make first? Story or Graphic Design

So I have come up with this idea of creating a workshop about the story writing. I really like the idea of creative collaboration throughout the whole process of creating the event. Since starting this blog its kind of given me an insight into the value of the process rather than the outcome (and how that process can also be product focused)

I haven’t heard back from Huma yet. To be honest with me going to Ireland and then Copenhagen time kind of flew by. Sometimes you actually have seize these opportunities with people when they are in the right place to offer support or then pass you by. Anyway it may still happen but in the meantime I really do need graphic designers. I am kind of torn at the moment as what I need first, graphic or story.

I always want to be further along than I am. Maybe this is the case with the graphic designer thing as I want to create the content for marketing but without the story behind it.

‘Surgery Slave’ is an idea on the medias manipulation in promoting surgery in society and its affects on young girls. So far I have gone through personal and public experiences and written on how this type of media effects young women/society. I went back through the writing and picked keys words and created ideas from them that would be either present at the event or in the campaign. I haven’t yet but I then usually just make a Pinterest board of the ideas. Very roughly not edgy of fashionable just how I see them in my head. That is always my process.

  • Free writing
  • Key Words
  • Ideas -> into a spreadsheet
  • Images -> Pinterest

Thinking about it I suppose the step before putting the story into graphic design content is the story itself ( would you believe!). This makes sense as I was telling someone about the idea the other day as it just fell a bit flat. Heres me ‘And then you walk into the room and there is an operating table in the centre, drag queen patients in each toilet and meat I the sinks!’ Dadadada! …Tumble weed…Saying it out loud all the thought and ideas didn’t shine through and something felt lacking.

So it brought me back to the main centre of it. The young girl and her story.

Some thoughts I had yesterday were

  • to align the email campaign and the event so that there is a story running through the lead up to the event (campaign) and at the event
  • This story can have lots of influences but centres around ‘the young girl’
  • Have the advertisement for surgeries, young girls dream of changing herself and initial consultation for surgery in the email campaign
  • Have the reality, the face to face consultation before surgery, the surgery and the aftermath at the event

I like it. It is more fluid and connected then before. Now to put this into a work shop.. Hmmm… Mam?



Project Distractions and working to set timings

O my god it is so absurd how distracted I get. I am trying to start some work now before my working day starts. I am in two minds.

I am not sure of which to do first.. 1, get in touch with some creative writing groups to see if they want to have a brainstorm session around the story of the ‘Surgery Slave’ for the day or 2, start a graphic design group for collaborating around the ideas for the marketing campaign.

Obviously this indecisiveness has lead me to do neither of these things and instead to start to delete old playlists form my YouTube account. Jesus.

I am setting myself a task now. I have one hour.

I am going to start with the story telling as I think this part comes first as it can inspire further content with its ideas for the campaign.


1, Look up existing story writing groups

2, Get in touch with the best to see if they would like to collaborate on the idea.



Email – from my Mam asking to change meeting me tomorrow to Friday and go to this

Facebook notifications – Its Ste’s birthday, Someone is looking for a model on the photography models & photographers in London group for a birthday themed shoot and a memory from 2010 of Stix finding the FM 104 ash cloud song, about the time when I could not fly back to Dublin because of a volcanic irruption ( how ridiculous).

Thoughts – Rambling ones about staking out the Park for the event venue for days in advance, watching for the patterns of the park guards, sitting in a trench coat with a large newspaper or hiding in the bushes with binoculars.


So I have written the mail. I am already thinking of reasons why it is not right to send it.


I am over an hour of course! But I think having that time pressure to do it in helps you cut the crap and focus on the bits that are important.

I’ve had a look on Facebook and Meet up and am going to send it to some groups and see what happens.

Work Package Brief for Graphic Designer

My latest project…

The Nave(TN) is a movement of collaborating creatives who make silence-breaking Statement Art, using their collective voice to make a difference in society.

… Excuse the wanky wording. I will be working on this next Friday with my sister(from another mister) Aoife.

How do you say you want to make art, discussing societies issues to help people and not sound like a wanker? Is there a way? I suppose we will find out next Friday.

Anyway, essentially TN holds guerrilla style collaborative events. They pop up around London, taking over the most unlikely places. We set a theme and invite creatives to express through art, fash ,music  (any creative medium) their feelings on what is happening in society now.

The next events theme is ‘Surgery Slave’. The idea is about the media’s manipulation to sell plastic surgery and its effects on society, particularly young girls

I just started writing a work package for the graphic designer. A graphic designer is needed to create content that will be used to advertise the event to other creatives in the lead up to the event.

I met Huma through The Nave Facebook group. She liked The Nave concept and as she was freelancing she said she would like to get involved in between jobs.

I have created a brief for her covering, What The Nave is meant to achieve?, Tones and Style, Copy, Images, Design Specifications and Timelines. It outlines that The Nave needs 28 images(or other forms of content ie gifs)made up of 14 for email marketing and 14 for social media. There is a logic to this but I wont bore you with the details.

I also prepared a spreadsheet of all my ridiculous ideas. For a small example of how ridiculous.. some involve stealing mass amounts of burger king knives and a lot of raw meat.. All shall be revealed 😉

I am coming to a bit of a halt at the end when trying to finish this  briefoff and I reckon this is because this needs a bit of a collaborative session to discuss how to weave the ideas into the campaign. I’ve emailed Huma to see if she is up for this. I may also extend this to a few more graphic designers I know, as it seems like quite a lot of work.

If I had to drill through all my rambling and examples I suppose the main thing is that the content needs to feel as creepy as Aphex Twins, Windowlicker Video

(Anything Chris Cunningham really .. Die Antwood  are spot on too..)

…done in the style of Saint Hoax and I think we have a winning combination.

Dont have a fucking clue what I am on about? Stay watching to see it come to light.

Over stressed to high level overview

Today I have been stressed out of my bloody mind. It all came to a head after realising all this schedule stuff  I posted about yesterday. Eugh the drain. Its 6pm and I have literally spent the whole day furiously pacing and wanting to crawl out of my skin.

Does this serve any purpose? Well it made me call my best friend Stix, who by coincidence was also crawling the walls in South London over some family/money stresses. After about an hour of speaking at about 100 miles an hour and smoking eight cigarettes I have managed to finally get to work.

The time stress (and 100 mile an hour chat) has made me realise that I only have a certain amount of time to do things so I need to go in top level and see what I have to do and everything else will have to wait.

I did a Prince Two project management course a few weeks ago. As I wanted to use all the lessons from the course, I have fallen into my usual trap of over planning and not just doing.

So here is the summary of the key points I want to take from the course

1, Manage By Stages

I tend to think of every detail under the sun. My planning is so thorough I am imaging myself as CEO planning Olympic open ceremony sized events and the possible issues that may face me at this point.

Only plan for a appropriate stage and then don’t work past this

2, Organisation board

Create a board of people who are more established and experienced. Get them to act as your board to run your projects past and assure quality.

3,  Work Packages

Create small packages of work. Be specific about what is needed and dates it will be sent back.

Allocate, receive, sign off. I am working on this today and will let you know how I get on.

4, Product Focused.

I’ve had so many enjoyable projects that I have loved but have made no money because I have been more focused on the activity, the event and the marketing then the actual product.

5, Lessons Learnt

I need to evaluate what was good and bad about my last projects and incorporate these lessons into the new project

So I’m going to just focus on these points and see how I get on. Time to get into my onesie and let the real work begin.

Show your work

Yesterday I met my Mam before Sanga in St James Park. I had a rant about time. I am working on my project ‘The Nave’ while working full time and trying to buy a house with my boyfriend. I just got my schedule for June in work and I am travelling every week in the month. I love travel don’t get me wrong but I was just thinking WTF am I ever going to get this project out? Will I ever have fucking anything to show people? She dragged me to Waterstones and bought me this book.

She said don’t be so precious, people are interested in the journey.

My last two projects I worked on before this took 3 years and neither of them took off so in a way I had nothing to show for them. Obviously I learnt crazy amounts for me personally but no one ever knew. So this is my place to say fuck it lets show the ups and downs. May need a few more chapters of this to have the balls to own it though ha..