Creative Story Telling Workshop

This is why my mam is queen if the world…

She insists on meeting at Southbank yesterday which was a nice idea but we only had two hours before Sangha and have to walk over ( takes 25 mins..1.35m left)

She arrives 20 mins late which is the standard (1.15m)

After hellos and decision on whether or not to have a sandwich or flat bread…she reads the entire menu aloud and hems and haws before decide on crisps and beer (1h)

She then tells me they have put an offer on a house! I spoke to my Dad on Sunday (this is Thursday) and when I spoke to him they were going to be renting for 6 months and taking there time to decide on what to do as they both felt it was right and what was needed. This in the space of 4 days changed…as you can tell they are not your usual pushing 60 year old couple. (40m)

Whilst I digest this (and enjoy the excitement as the place sounds amazing) she goes to the bar again as she now wants a sandwich (30m)

When she gets back I start to tell her about the idea of wanting to create a story workshop. As now I beginning to see the value of the process I want to collaborate at each stage of The Nave

I give her an overview, that I want to invite writers to collaborate on this idea to come up with some dialogue for a short film piece that I will film at the event. (15m)


She says this:


1, Give an Introduction on yourself, The Nave and an explanation of how everything will run during the workshop.

Stay minimal on  your ideas. I love hearing about all your millions of ideas because I am your mother but you will just over load people so just – Tell what you are going to tell them, Tell them and then tell them what you have just told them. No more then 3 bits of information. The rest is unnecessary.

2, Sit at a round table and ask everyone to introduce themselves – what writing experience they have, what they hope to get out of the workshop

3, Set a free writing exercise for people to write on the topic.

4, Get everyone to share their ideas and write down all the key points on large sheets of white paper.

5, Have a break

6, After the break advise everyone to take on board each other’s ideas and type up a script for the 2-3 min piece.

7, Share if they want

8, Talk about their experience and what they got out of it the workshop.


All done in 10 mins, with 5 mins left to spare and finish her sandwich.

That sounds good to me. Pays to have a writer in the family.



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